National Science Day, and the need to make science more accessible

Science. A very loaded word. It’s loaded for both the scientists and non-scientists, although they may weigh the word differently. Often times, scientists think that they deal with knowledge that is exclusive, and out of the grasp of non-scientists. The jargon, the obscure mathematics, the techniques. Maybe it is hard to understand some things that you do not have training in. Scientists do spend years getting trained in the science of doing science. That exclusivity makes scientists seem like beings from outer space. See any of the depictions of scientists in popular culture or in media! That’s only one end … Continue reading National Science Day, and the need to make science more accessible

National Science Day and why we are excited by science!

Anand Krishnan writes for all of us~ On the occasion of National science day, celebrated in India, we thought we’d write in a brief note about the experience of scientific research, uncovering the mysteries of the unknown. In many ways, the philosophy of science has changed over the centuries, but its essence has remained the same. In its purest form, the pursuit of science transcends the individual. It is the selfless pursuit of knowledge, driven by insatiable curiosity and a desire to address problems plaguing humanity. The scientific method, based on observation, hypotheses and tests of said hypotheses, is one … Continue reading National Science Day and why we are excited by science!

Now that’s a big rat!

I’ve worked in the forests of northeast India for over 3 years now, and for most part have been live-trapping small mammals. Many others have trapped here over the past years. Most of us use Sherman traps of a particular size, that help trap small mammals of the size of Rattus (the animal cooked food in the movie Ratatouille). But there are bigger rodents in the forests – some the size of a small domestic cat! How can we study them? One way is to use bigger live-animal traps, but they are harder to carry when you have to walk far and … Continue reading Now that’s a big rat!

SCCS – BNG 2015

We’re going to be at the Student Conference on Conservation Science, Bangalore, starting 8th September 2015. Check out if you haven’t already. The conference is very useful especially for young ecologists/conservation scientists as they offer many excellent workshops. Sahila will be presenting data from small mammal surveys she has conducted in Northeast India over the past 7 months. We will share the poster, and some of her experiences in the coming weeks. If you happen to be in Bangalore, do drop by. Continue reading SCCS – BNG 2015