Why the blog?
The blog is a platform for us to share, inform and discuss interesting stories from the fields of ecology, evolution and conservation science. We hope to use interesting means to communicate ideas in these fields to scientists in other fields, non-scientists and other interested nature-enthusiasts. If you like our attempts, do share our posts!

Why the name ‘Pangolin Prophecies’?

I like pangolins a LOT, like a LOT, and have them doodled all over my notebooks.
Pangolins are evolutionarily interesting. They are also amongst the most trafficked mammals in the world – that puts them at high risk of extinction. I am an ecologist and evolutionary biologist interested in understanding patterns in the natural world. And pangolins are fantastically exciting both evolutionarily and from the view of ecology and conservation. believe that declines in pangolin populations are a warning bell to those of us who care to listen. Their story is a prophecy for the future – a sad future indeed if they cease to exist!

Krishnapriya Tamma: I do not write all of the articles on this blog, although my name appears at the top of most posts. This is because I am the admin of this blog and so have the privilege to post articles. The authors of all posts are clearly marked at the start of the article. For posts contributed by others, I only provide editorial comments if required.

Krishnapriya Tamma unti
I have worked on the biogeography and macroecology of small mammals in the Himalayas, especially the eastern Himalayas. I love the eastern Himalayan (northeast Indian landscape) and hope to continue working here for many years. I am also interested in question of community organization and spatial vegetation patterns. I am currently a post-doctoral fellow at Centre for Ecological Science, IISc.

Anand Krishnan
anandI have worked on many creatures, big and small, studying multisensory systems, navigation, and sensory signals. I am also tremendously fascinated by beaks, skulls and teeth (when they’re not biting me, that is!). Lastly, I am interested in solving long-standing mysteries of why so many flying animals seem to keep hitting my head…a problem for another day!

Past contributors
Swati Sidhuswat

I like to spend most of my time outside than inside because that’s where birds are! I have many other interests including running, writing, farming, painting, but I am not necessarily good at them. I like to think of myself as someone aspiring to learn these.

Sahila Kudalkarsahila K
I am interested in integrating
social and ecological approaches towards wildlife conservation. I enjoy being in tropical forests— waking up to bird song and Hoolock hoots, chasing frogs and  watching shrews take a dip by the campsite.


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