The Sahib of Saraidadar (Part 2 of 2)

Text: Venkat Ramanujam Sketch: Sandeep Sen It was Diwali soon, and the paddy started to ripen. Before I knew, the harvest season was in full swing. No sooner was the crop harvested than farmers went about preparing the khaniyaar, or threshing circle.  A circular patch of ground was cleared, plastered with cow dung, and a threshing pole driven down the centre. A team of bullocks circumambulated the threshing pole patiently, stamping on the harvested crop spread out on the ground. Threshing took a couple of days, sometimes three or even four. Then followed winnowing, the threshed grain was scooped up … Continue reading The Sahib of Saraidadar (Part 2 of 2)