Tale from a museum

Series: Specimen Tales Anand Krishnan ~ Museums are a treasure trove of the extraordinary, the bizarre, and often, the forgotten. They present us with snapshots frozen in time, of places bygone and also of those unseen sights that few of us will ever experience in real life. Natural history museums are a comprehensive repository of earth’s biodiversity, with thousands of specimens collected together from far-flung areas of the world. Scientists and naturalists in the heyday of specimen collecting were obsessed with cataloguing and describing as much of the earth’s biodiversity as possible. Today, natural history collections retain immense and immeasurable … Continue reading Tale from a museum

Now that’s a big rat!

I’ve worked in the forests of northeast India for over 3 years now, and for most part have been live-trapping small mammals. Many others have trapped here over the past years. Most of us use Sherman traps of a particular size, that help trap small mammals of the size of Rattus (the animal cooked food in the movie Ratatouille). But there are bigger rodents in the forests – some the size of a small domestic cat! How can we study them? One way is to use bigger live-animal traps, but they are harder to carry when you have to walk far and … Continue reading Now that’s a big rat!